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Choosing a hat for your face shape
Source: | Author:hkw5e2c95 | Published time: 2016-03-25 | 1964 Views | Share:
Choosing the right hat follows a basic rule of thumb: accentuate your best features and downplay the rest.
Not sure about your face shape? That’s okay, don’t get too hung up on trying to find exactly which shape you are use the descriptions below to get a rough idea:
General rule to follow: As an easy rule of thumb, any face shape will suit the following styles: knitted pull-ons, fascinators, pillboxes, and most alice-band hats.
Round faces: The idea is to elongate your face but also to balance it. Choose tall, shallow crowns to give it length, or try peaked, slanted, or creased crowns. Brims that are wider than your face help to help bring balance and make your face look narrower by comparison.
Square faces: Choose a hat that sits high on your forehead. Soft berets worn all the way up at the hairline look great on you, as do rounded bowler hats with rolled narrow brims.
Long faces: Go with a flared, wider brim and deep crown to widen the face. Also, cloches, pillboxes and knitted hats that sit close to your head are a good choice for you.
Hearts and Diamonds: Since your chin is the narrowest point on your face, avoid wide brims that will make it look narrower. Otherwise pretty much any style will work well on you.
Angular features: If you’ve got angular facial features, such as a square jaw, look for hats to soften and complement those lines; think sweeping or floppy brims, berets, and sculpted, folded, or asymmetrical shapes. Also look for hats that have prominent, asymmetrical trimming, such as an elegant, curving arc of feathers.
Now it’ll be easier to find that perfect hat!